Saturday, October 7, 2017


Today is our last round of golf.  We are playing Arrowhead today.  We walked outside of the hotel and were surprised at the heat of the morning.  The temperature was 25 degrees at 6:00 in the morning.  When we arrived at the course we were offered to tee off a little earlier as a group did not show up.  We decided to forego our practise shots and start playing right away.  There was a lot of water on this course so you needed to keep your ball straight and on the fairway.  When we finished our round we decided to load up the clubs in the roof carrier.  We just finished doing this and headed to the clubhouse to enjoy a drink and it had started to pour.  Wow did we luck out this year.

After golf we went back to the condo and relaxed a bit.  We planned to take it easy today and start our packing.  The suitcase after they were packed were loaded into the car right away.  Tomorrow we just have a few things to pack and will start heading homeward bound.

Grace had gone out and taken some more beach shots.

For dinner we decided to have an easy meal and went to Fuddruckers for a burger.  After returning to the hotel we enjoyed our last hot tub.

Ralph and Grace were experimenting taking pictures with fire.

Our final competition was the most closest to the pin points received on the par 3's for today.  Ralph won the competition.  We also had to total our scores for the game Grace created and Ralph won that round as well.  I guess we need to pull up our socks next year.


Can't believe how quick the week has gone and how great the weather has been. We have been blessed with another great day weather wise.  Today we played Tidewater. This was a beautiful course where you weaved in between streets filled with housing.   Quite a few holes ran along the Intercoastal waterway. Was really a beautiful course but very difficult greens. We all had high putting scores on this one.  Lawrence and I were playing our par 3's and neither of us got any points.

We did a little bit of shopping and headed back to the condo to have a shower before going out to dinner.

We went the Wicked Tuna and we were not disappointed. Each couple shared a bowl of she crab soup.  Best we've had in a long time   Here they serve catch to plate.  Lawrence and I enjoyed some grouper with crab and lobster on top served over a risotto.  Grace and Ralph had the hog fish. That had the lobster and crab on top as well. The fish was so fresh and yummy.  As we were sitting at the Restaurant we were trying to figure out where the moon was because it was a full moon.  All of a sudden we saw it starting to rise in the sky. Was amazing to see how fast that went and what a beautiful sight it was.

When we drove home the streets were filled bikes as it was bike week. We had not really noticed it during the week but the weekend certainly brought the bikers in.

When we got home we had a nightcap, updated our blogs and headed for bed.

True Blue

Yeah..  Today, we finally get to play True Blue. This was our third year trying.  The first year the course was flooded.  The second year we got evacuated and didn't get the chance to play.  This year the weather was gorgeous.  In fact the whole week has been fantastic. We were excited to be off and play our round.  I played my worst round of the week but this did not deter me from enjoying the course.  Lawrence had two great shots where he chipped his shots right in the hole.  This place didn't really have a spot where we could enjoy our lunch so we ordered some fries and grouper fingers to share.

After golf we went to Huntington Beach State Park to watch some of the birds.  We saw lots of Egrets, Wood Storks, Herons and we were even lucky to see some Spoon Bills.  There were some crabs as well but they were a little far to see.

We got home a little later and enjoyed a quick drink before heading out to Gorden Biersh for dinner.  We went and checked out Barnes and Noble and were amazed that at 9:45 they were still open.  We bought new Atlas's to help us plan our California trip.

When we got home we had a final nightcap but I was too tired to write my blog so I am late.  Was a great day.

Today instead of doing a competition the prize was awarded to Lawrence for his two chips in the hole.  All agreed it was a worthy win.

Wednesday, October 4, 2017


In the mornings when we get up it is still quite dark as the sunrise doesn't begin until around. 7:00. Boy 5:30 sure comes quickly.  We were excited to try out a new course this morning. Today we played Prestwick. We were warmly greeted and could load up our carts right away. Bonus, things were looking good.  The guys went to the driving range while the ladies tried the putting greens.  Again we came across a putting green with no holes. The greens were running fast and the pin placements were not easy.  The course was very challenging and even though I did not hit well I really enjoyed the course.  We were told at the beginning there were no Alligators on this course but we did see turtles and swans.

After golf we ventured to Murrells Inlet and enjoyed a walk along the boardwalk. Grace captured some great shots of the birds around there. We then went to the fish store Harrelsons and picked up some Mahi and crab for dinner.

We had to be back at the Condo by 5:30 as tonight was the golf evening. Things have changed a little as we used to be able to get a glass of wine with our drink tickets and now it was beer only. Also they used to have a few golf courses sponsor ptizes and this time there was only one course which was Wachesaw Plantation.  Tickets were drawn and Grace won the first prize which was a towel.  Ralph also won a prize of a 3 pack of golf balls and a poker chip that caqn be used as a ball marker.  It was exciting to have two people from our group win.

Dinner was amazing.  The Mahi tasted great and we enjoyed beans, rice with peas in it and salad to go with it.   Can certainly takes some lessons from Ralph as he cooks a mean meal.

We had our competition again and it was a tie between Teresa and Ralph for total score of putts on Par 3's.  Ralph won the tie breaker.

Tuesday, October 3, 2017


Today we ventured out to play Myrtlewood. When we got there we were a little put out by the reception we received.  We were not allowed to load our cart up with our things until they were ready to send us to the first tee.  We could purchase some balls and go to the driving range but we couldn't take a cart there.  I found it difficult to practise putting when the holes were plugged on the putting green.  I guess starting off on the wrong foot doesn't always give the rest a fair impression.  We enjoyed the course over all.

Today we saw a heron, egret and some ducks.  The ducks were quite funny as they came running to us like little puppy dogs.  Grace stepped backwards and accidentally stepped on one of them.  This scared Grace catching her off guard and had us all in stitches.

After golf we picked up a few ingredients to make a crock pot meal for tonight. Next we went back to the hotel and got dinner ready (or maybe I should say Grace and Ralph got dinner ready).  We went out and did a bit of shopping and when we came back we enjoyed a drink while listening to the waves.  

Dinner was awesome and afterwards we had our little competition again.  It was a tie between Ralph and Lawrence. Ralph won the tie breaker.

We ended the evening watching Pirates of the Carribean.  What a fun day today.

Monday, October 2, 2017

Long Bay

Another fun round on the golf course. Today we played Long Bay. We were able to start on hole one this time. We have played this course twice before and both times we had started on hole 10. We were really surprised again at how few people were golfing. When we arrived the people at the course were not even ready yet to unload our clubs.  This course was a bit harder than the course we played on Saturday and neither of us played as well either. We still had fun though.

After golf we picked up a few more groceries and went back to the condo. Ralph had worked all night so he went for a snooze.   The waves at the beach were quite high so we brought our cameras to the water to capture some of them. Grace had purchased a new cover for her camera which she was testing out.   Before heading back we enjoyed a hot tub to ease some aching muscles.

We wanted to stay close to the condo so we didn't make it a late night and had dinner again at the Carolina Ale House.

We ended the evening with our competition again. Today it was adding holes 3. 6, 9, 12, 15 and 18 and subtracting the putts on holes 2, 7, 13 and 17.  Ralph won another round with the lowest score.